Hey, thank you for your interest. As an official Elegant Themes affiliate partner we are glad to share our experience and recommendations on how to chose the right Divi theme price.

What price alternatives does Elegant Themes offer?

The Divi theme can only be purchased directly through the website of Elegant Themes, where they offer two Divi theme price options: First, an annual license for 89 USD that needs to be renewed, if you wish to receive updates after one year. Second, a lifetime license for 249 USD. In both cases you are allowed to use the Divi theme on an unlimted amounts of URLs. That includes also websites you build for clients, as Elegant Themes explicitly states in their terms. As an official Elegant Themes affiliate partner we have worked with Divi for several years now and we are confident, that Divi is the only WordPress theme you will need for a long time, what ever your needs are. Hence, we recommend to directly chose the Divi Lifetime Access package. You have no risk, since Elegant Themes offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with your membership, you will be refunded the Divi theme price with no questions asked!

Divi theme price

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What is all included in the Divi theme price?

When you decide to buy the Divi theme, you get so much more than just a great WordPress theme. Included in the Divi theme price are all other themes Elegant Themes has to offer. Besides Divi, the Extra theme is certainly a theme of tremendous value for anybody looking for a professional blog or magazine layout. Also included in the Divi theme price is the right to use all plugins Elegant Themes has to offer. That means for instance, that you can also download the Divi builder plugin to use it with any other WordPress theme you have already in place. Another highlight is the Bloom plugin, that allows you to create beautiful email sign up forms. Moreover, as an Elegant Themes member you benefit form an outstandingly well documented tutorials, that are constantly updated and extended.

Is the Divi theme price worth the value you get?

In summary, the Divi theme price is most certainly the best WordPress deal for beginners as well as professionals. Anyone looking for a product to build professional websites, will certainly not find a more user friendly and versatile WordPress theme in 2017. The Divi theme price is hence certainly more than bargain.  Now, build something amazing!

We are an official Elegant Themes affiliate partner.

Why is the Divi theme price is a great deal?

Divi and the Elegant Theme membership offer so much more than just a layout for a WordPress website. In fact what you get for a small cost is the freedom to build almost anything you want online. Compare this to the price of a professional web designer and you will realize what a great deal the Divi theme price actually is. Moreover, Elegant Themes produces daily content to educate its community to really make the most of their products. We have looked at many of the other best selling WordPress themes, but we have not come across an alternative to Divi that would offer the same flexibility and ease of use as the Divi Builder offers. Hence the cost of the Divi theme is certainly one of the best investments in our life. Give Divi a try and see yourself. Elegant Themes offers a risk free 30 day, no questions ask money back guarantee for the Divi theme price.

Is it better to purchase the one time package or pay the annual price?

We are pretty confident, that Divi and its Divi Builder is going to be the only WordPress theme we will need for a long time, if not forever. Since the Divi theme price of the life time package is only 3 times higher than the annual price, the one time offer is our strong recommendation. In particular, if you build websites for clients, you certainly want to make sure that they can always update their websites and then a valid license code is a prerequisite for long term security.

We are an official Elegant Themes affiliate partner.

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