If you have been using Divi for a decent amount of time already, you might have come into certain situations in which you felt a little limited with Divi. For example, you wanted to place a banner above your header and it was not possible with Divi. Or, you might have wanted to center the links in your footer? Whatever extra Divi feature you ever need, the Divi Booster actually has most of these features. And I will mention some of them, the most remarkable ones, below in this article.

Divi Booster Features

divi booster plugin

Screenshot https://divibooster.com/

So the first feature (my favorite one) is that you can add an image above your header. This can be useful for you if you want to have an advertisement displayed at the top of your website. Another features include your sidebar’s customizations. You can, for example, set the background color for your sidebar, choose to hide the sidebar dividing line or to adjust the width of your sidebar. Other features include further addons to the standard Divi modules. For example, in the Divi map module you can choose to display the map in grayscale. Or, you can change the height of your slider module.

And there are many more features that the Divi Booster plugin offers. You can purchase a copy of this plugin here for just $19 USD. Also, if you are looking for more reviews of this plugin, you might like to check out my friend’s Andrej Divi Booster brief review as well. Also, if you prefer the Elegant Themes’ Extra theme over Divi, there is the Extra Booster plugin, too. Here is the link to its website: Extra Booster plugin. It is being sold by the same developer Dan Mossop.

Finally, I would like to mention that almost all these modifications can be made to Divi with using some custom CSS code, but it’s much more easier to do it with this plugin. It can be really useful for you if you are a developer and need to make many modifications.

I hope you will find this review helpful.

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